June 2024

There was a significant and strong positive correlation between FHA and CrCdAR in all breeds and sexes.
In this cohort of dogs, CT-derived structural metrics exhibited good potential for estimating fracture in distal radial osteosarcoma.
The iPACK block associated with adductor canal block seem to be good options to replace sciatic nerve blocks in TPLO surgeries.
In this study, bone staples were mechanically superior to PDS suture in median sternotomy closure.
Osteochondrosis was the most common reason for euthanasia in the affected dogs.
The results of this study help to clarify the prevalence of ED in different breeds in France.
Surgical educators are urged to continue to search for innovative and evidence-based ways to train competent surgical residents.
A larger volume of IA injection resulted in higher CT extravasation scores.