Authors: I A Kalmukov, N Schneider, D Miraldo, M A Solano

Objectives: To describe the surgical technique and evaluate the outcome and complications after coccygeal vertebral fracture repair in dogs using internal fixation.

Authors: Oliver Gilman, Leticia Escauriaza, Dan Ogden, Helene Vandenberghe, Darren Roper, Bill Oxley, Nicolas Granger

Objective: The aim of this study was to report new preoperative and intraoperative techniques performed for canine thoracic or lumbar spine kyphosis stabilization using three-dimensional-printed patient-specific drill guides, polyaxial titanium bone plates and drill stops, and to determine the accuracy of screw placement using these techniques.

Study design: Retrospective study, five client-owned dogs.

Category: Spine
Authors: Jos J Bongers, Nathan Wilkinson, Manabu Kurihara, Janis P Bridges, Wendy Baltzer, Andrew J Worth

Objective: The aim of this study was to compare the accuracy of pedicle screw placement at the canine lumbosacral junction using a novel unilateral three-dimensional printed patient-specific guide (3D-PSG) versus a freehand drilling technique. Additionally, accuracy of screw placement between a novice and an experienced surgeon was determined.

Category: Spine
Authors: Hirofumi Tanoue, Masakazu Shimada, Tom Ichinohe, Nobuo Kanno, Shuji Suzuki, Yasuji Harada, Yasushi Hara

Objective: To retrospectively review the efficacy of combined surgery comprising dorsal laminectomy and dorsal fixation using screws and polymethylmethacrylate as treatment for dogs with degenerative lumbosacral stenosis (DLSS).

Animals: 21 client owned dogs diagnosed with DLSS and treated surgically.

Category: Spine
Authors: John Hanlon, Caleb C Hudson, Alan S Litsky, Stephen C Jones

Objective: To assess the feasibility and mechanical stability of sacroiliac (SI) joint stabilization using 2 short 3.5 mm cortical screws, each spanning an average of 23% of the width of the sacral body.

Study design: Cadaveric experimental study.

Sample population: Twenty-four canine pelvis specimens.

Authors: T Aikawa, Y Miyazaki, S Kihara, Y Saitoh, M Nishimura, S L Stephan, C W Dewey

Objectives: To describe the diagnostic findings, surgical technique and outcomes in seven pugs with thoracolumbar vertebral instability due to articular process anomalies.

Category: Spine
Authors: Carlos Ros, Roberto José-López, Anna Suñol, Patricia Montoliu, Vicente Aige, Alejandra García de Carellán Mateo, Cristina Font

Objective: To describe the clinical and neurologic signs, diagnostic investigations, definitive or presumptive diagnosis, treatment, and outcome of dogs presented with acute onset central cord syndrome (CCS).

Animals: 74 client-owned dogs evaluated for CCS at 5 referral hospitals between January 2016 and March 2021.

Category: Spine
Authors: Sara Silva, Julien Guevar, Roberto José-López, Steven De Decker, Josep Brocal, Cristian de la Fuente, Alexane Durand, Franck Forterre, Natasha Olby, Rodrigo Gutierrez-Quintana

Background: As they have been seldomly described in the veterinary literature, the aims of this retrospective study were to describe the clinical presentation, MRI findings and long-term outcome after medical or surgical treatment of dogs presenting with foraminal and far lateral thoracolumbar intervertebral disc herniations.

Category: Spine
Authors: V Argent, R Perillo, N Jeffery, P Freeman

Objectives: Report the rate of recurrent clinical signs following successful treatment of cervical intervertebral disc extrusion, and explore the association between treatment method and recurrence.

Category: Spine
Authors: B Jones, S Behr, T Shaw, R Cappello, N Jeffery, F X Liebel, T Harcourt-Brown

Objectives: To report the surgical techniques being used to treat single focal spinal intra-arachnoid diverticula in dogs, their complications and immediate postoperative outcomes.

Materials and methods: Retrospective multi-centre case series across four referral centres.

Category: Spine