Authors: Monique Triglia, Hollie Horton, Melanie Dobromylskyj, Amy Jo Ferreira, William Peter Robinson

A 4 yr old female neutered Labrador retriever was referred with a history of left hind-limb lameness and an acute, nonpainful, subcutaneous mass on the medial aspect of the left stifle.

Category: Oncology - Stifle - Tibia
Authors: Charlotte Banks, Gareth Michael Couper Jones, Richard Lawrence Meeson

Objective: (1) To determine whether Oxley's modified cranial closing wedge osteotomy (CCWO) results in a tibial plateau angle (TPA) of 5° in silico, (2) compare in silico to clinical postoperative TPA and (3) determine the impact of ostectomy distalization in silico.

Study design: Cross-sectional retrospective radiographic in silico study.

Authors: Stefan Keider, Philipp A Schmierer, Antonio Pozzi

Objective: To describe a caudomedial instrumental portal for caudal pole meniscectomy (CPM).

Study design: Experimental ex-vivo study.

Sample population: Ten cadaveric hindlimbs of 10 large breed dogs.

Category: Stifle
Authors: Yukari Nagahiro et al.

Objective: To determine the signalment and musculoskeletal morphology of small-breed dogs affected by medial patellar luxation (MPL) grade IV based on the age of the CT scan.

Animals: 40 small-breed dogs (54 limbs) with MPL grade IV.

Authors: Ashton L Story, Bryan T Torres, Derek B Fox

Objective: To determine morphologic differences between four tibial osteotomy techniques used to correct excessive tibial plateau angle (eTPA).

Study design: Retrospective radiographic analysis.

Sample population: Sixteen dogs (27 tibias) with eTPA.

Authors: Lars Knudsen , Esben Østergaard, Jakob J Jensen, James E Miles, Lene E Buelund

Objective: To assess diagnostic value and clinical utility of multidetector computed tomographic positive contrast arthrography (CTA) for meniscal lesions in dogs.

Study design: Prospective case series.

Study population: Client-owned dogs (n = 55) with cranial cruciate ligament injuries.

Category: Imaging - Stifle
Authors: Chavdar Chernev, Bernard Walsh, Adam Kluczny, Tobias Schwarz

An 8-month-old, entire, male, 32-kg golden retriever dog was presented with a grade 4/5 right hindlimb lameness. No history of trauma or injury was noted and the clinical symptoms had appeared suddenly.

Authors: Natalie J Worden, Bill Oxley, Jaron Naiman, William Michael Karlin, Tiffany M Chen, Scott J Hetzel, Jason Bleedorn

Objective: The main aim of this study is to compare the impact of six proximal tibial osteotomies on the geometry and alignment of tibias with and without excessive tibial plateau angle (TPA).

Category: Imaging - Stifle
Authors: Danielle G Creamer, Peter Muir

Objective: The objective was to study clinical outcomes in dogs with chronic cruciate ligament rupture (CR) treated with palliative arthroscopy as the sole surgical treatment.

Authors: Benjamin Husi, Brian Park, Marina Lampart, Richard Evans, Antonio Pozzi

Objectives: To investigate stifle kinematics and kinetics following TPLO and TPLO combined with an extra-articular lateral augmentation (TPLO-IB) during the tibial compression test (TCT) and the tibial pivot compression test (TPT), applied with an external (eTPT) and an internal moment (iTPT).

Study design: Experimental ex vivo study.

Sample population: Ten cadaveric hindlimbs of dogs weighing 23-40 kg.

Category: Biomechanics - Stifle