Authors: Marjolaine Rousseau, DMV, MS; David E. Anderson, DVM, MS; James D. Lillich, DVM, MS; Michael D. Apley, DVM, PhD; Peder J. Jensen, DMD; Alexandru S. Biris, PhD
Journal: American Journal of Veterinary Research

Objective—To determine the response of cortical bone to a multicomponent and nanostructural polymeric matrix as a drug delivery system for enhancing bone healing.

Animals—20 healthy adult crossbred goats.

Category: Research - Ruminant
Authors: C. Wilgenbusch, S. R. McClure, D. Thomsen, J. Schleining, D. Riedesel, C. Wang
Journal: Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Objective: Characterization of a model of reversible foot lameness in the horse. Methods: Both forelimb hooves were fitted with a circumferential clamp. After three baseline measurements utilizing a force platform, one clamp was tightened to induce a grade 2.5/5 lameness and left in place for 120 hours. Serial heart rate and force platform measurements were obtained and the asymmetry index was calculated. After 120 hours, the clamp was released and force platform data recorded until the horse returned to soundness. The procedure was repeated for the opposite forelimb.

Category: Equine - Lameness - Research
Authors: Stephanie C. von Plocki, David Armbruster, Karina Klein, Käthi Kämpf, Katalin Zlinszky, Monika Hilbe, Peter Kronen, Elliott Gruskin, Brigitte von Rechenberg
Journal: Veterinary Surgery

To evaluate biocompatibility of biodegradable sleeves containing antimicrobial agents, designed for local drug delivery to prevent implant-related infection.
Study Design
Synthetic polyester sleeves (a copolymer of glycolide, caprolactone, trimethylene carbonate, lactide) were cast as thin films. The antimicrobial agents incorporated in the sleeves included gentamicin sulfate, triclosan, or a combination of these drugs.
Adult sheep (n = 15).

Authors: Andrew J. Niehaus, DVM, MS; David E. Anderson, DVM, MS; Valerie F. Samii, DVM, MS; Steven E. Weisbrode, VMD, MS; Jed K. Johnson, BS; Mike S. Noon, BS; David L. Tomasko, PhD; John J. Lannutti, PhD
Journal: American Journal of Veterinary Research

Objective—To determine elution characteristics of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-2 from a polycaprolactone coating applied to orthopedic implants and determine effects of this coating on osseointegration.

Animals—6 sheep.

Category: Research - Ruminant
Authors: Jeffrey A. Seaman, DVM; G. Elizabeth Pluhar, DVM, PhD; Nathan D. Rose, DVM; Jeff I. Weinstein, DVM; Hongfei Guo, PhD; Kari L. Anderson, DVM
Journal: American Journal of Veterinary Research

Objective—To evaluate scintigraphy, radiography, and histomorphometric analysis for assessing incorporation of intercalary bone grafts and to compare incorporation of cortical autografts and allografts by the recipient.

Animals—12 skeletally mature sheep.

Category: Research - Ruminant