This case report illustrates the value of magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal pathology.
Overall, the two evaluation systems exhibited strong agreement.
In this article we give a speculative view on future innovations which may provide for earlier identification.
The results provide proof-of-concept that established joint stiffness can be resolved non-surgically
The marine-based fatty-acid compound PCSO-524 has been proposed as an adjunctive treatment for canine OA.
This information will help guide future studies to elucidate how factors such as disease chronicity, severity, and etiology affect these relationships.
Hydroxyapatite and titanium bone substitutes favour from shockwave treatment, whereas tricalcium phosphate does not.
Our results suggest that the combination of low-dose NSAIDs like carprofen with [ASU+GLU+CS] could offer a safe, effective management for joint pain.