Pain Management

Findings in this work imply the inhibitory effects of duloxetine against neuropathic pain, which may lead to a change of microglial activities.
Hydroxyapatite and titanium bone substitutes favour from shockwave treatment, whereas tricalcium phosphate does not.
Our results suggest that the combination of low-dose NSAIDs like carprofen with [ASU+GLU+CS] could offer a safe, effective management for joint pain.
These results provide further indication that vitacoxib is safe and well-tolerated in rats after 180 days of daily oral administration at 6 mg/kg bw and the NOAEL for both sexes was 6 mg/kg bw for 180 consecutive days.
Future research focused on key active ingredients would enable consistent and improved efficacy from GSM-based products for the purpose of improved animal health.
Meloxicam OTMS had similar effects on peak vertical force, motor activity and pain sensitization as previously reported for oral meloxicam in OA cats
Nociceptive hypersensitivity quantified by RMTS was evident in OA cats and was responsive to tramadol treatment
A two, three-point injection methods may be an effective perioperative analgesia technique for feline distal pelvic limb procedures