The application of PCL/HA composite microspheres may be a novel approach for promoting bone regeneration.
This review summarizes what is known about cMSCs.
These results suggest that T2 mapping has the potential to quantitatively evaluate the repairing effects of cell-based engineering treatments on IDD for a long-term follow-up.
NCM has potential in a regenerative therapy for disc degeneration, and warrants additional in vivo studies.
We determined that the best predictive model for development of complete CR in PRP-collagen treated partial CR stifles included variables from multiple diagnostic modalities.
Despite the total bone ossification within the expected period, there was no minimization of the estimated recovery time with the application of MSC, and inflammatory factors should be considered for reassessment of the therapeutic intervention time.
Therefore, intradiscal NCM injection could be a promising regenerative treatment for IVD disease, circumventing the cumbersome identification of bioactive NC-secreted substances.