Osteosarcoma in the proximal humerus of a mare

E. Koch, L. Pack, L. A. Zwicker, C. Lopez-Mendez and E. M. Aburto
August 2014
Equine Veterinary Education

A 15-year-old Quarter Horse mare was examined for significant and progressive lameness in the right front limb. On physical examination, muscle atrophy over the scapular and pectoral regions were noted. A pain response was elicited on palpation of the scapulohumeral joint. No other abnormalities were noted on examination of the limb. Diagnostic nerve blocks ruled out a source of lameness in the distal limb. Arthrocentesis of the scapulohumeral joint was performed and results were within normal limits. Radiographs of the right scapulohumeral joint revealed an extensive, aggressive bone lesion in the proximal humerus, suspected to be an osteosarcoma. After a course of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory therapy, minimal improvement to the lameness was noted. The owner elected to subject the horse to euthanasia due to the lack of significant response to treatment. Post mortem radiographic and histological examinations determined a definitive diagnosis of an osteosarcoma in the proximal humerus.