Minimally invasive dorsal transarticular tibio-metatarsal plate for temporary hock immobilisation

James Guthrie
Vet Rec. 2024 March 11 16:e3795. doi: 10.1002/vrc2.847.

Three patients (one cat and two dogs) underwent dorsal transarticular tibio-metatarsal plate, applied minimally invasively with two small incisions, as a temporary immobilisation of the hock following common calcaneal tendon repair.

There were no clinical complications associated with the transarticular plate. In one patient, the distal screws had loosened as an incidental finding; ensuring screws are bi-cortical may reduce the risk of this occurrence.

All patients regained full tarsocrural range-of-motion. Application and removal of the plate does not interfere with the repair of the common calcaneal tendon, and the calcaneus is left available for application of implants to facilitate tendon repair if required.